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Using this simple premise, some xc ski companies went to work designing a line of women’s skis and boots that takes into account the various differences between the male and female bodies and their interests. For example, women generally have narrower feet and thinner lower legs and calves, so companies like Alpina built boots accordingly. The whole center of gravity is shifted, which means that application of force from the legs to the skis is shifted, so the Madshus ski company built a ski that flexes accordingly.

Some changes are also cosmetic but they can also address fundamental interests such as stability or downhill control. Moreover, they are not just for the touring lines—companies recognize the need for women’s products in each equipment category, from touring to backcountry to performance and even racing.

Women XC Products

Women's products

Alpina Sports designed a line of women's xc ski boots after analyzing 2,500 women's feet using a patented Optical Measurement System and 3D Scanner to arrive at the "ideal" proportions.

And now Fischer is making a big splash with its new women's xc ski package called the Vision Cruiser. The ski has a stable platform and excellent grip and the package includes color-coordinated skis, boots, poles and a ski bag. The skis come premounted with bindings for $250 and the other items are additional (usually sold by retailers as a discounted package).

The fit of the Alpina's women's boots is dramatically different than the typical men's lasted, smaller sized boots that women are often sold. The flex patterns are totally altered, the heel pockets are much narrower, and the cuffs are redesigned for the slightly different calf/ankle configuration of a woman.